Spice Fusion is a boutique Melbourne, Australia home business that creates and makes a unique range of spice blends and dukkah inspired by cuisines from around the world.

It's so easy to create gourmet meals with Spice Fusion's exotic spice and curry blends. Sprinkle over meat and vegetables, liven up soups, casseroles, stews and bakes or choose from over 140 easy recipes (with more to come)!

Whether you're a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, paleotarian, pollotarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, raw foodie or on any other diet you choose to mention, you'll love the health benefits and flavour my spices will give to your meals. 

Beef Rendang using Spice Fusion's Indonesian Curry Blend

You'll find an index to the 140-odd recipes here.

All of Spice Fusion's products come in two sizes of glass jars:
Small (30-45g) and Tall (90-100g) or you can purchase refill paper bags
if you already have jars.

As well as spices and handmade spice blends, we also have a delicious range of handmade dukkahall of which are made from original recipes.

Dukkah range

Hazelnut & Almond Dukkah
Chickpea & Hazelnut Dukkah
Pistachio & Almond Dukkah with Sumac
Almond & Coconut Dukkah

Macadamia Dessert Dukkah with Chocolate

6 Seed (nut free) Dukkah

Naturally, there are absolutely no nasties used in Spice Fusion's products.

No preservatives
No additives
No anti-caking agents
No nothing except pure spices and herbs which means they are also

All blends and dukkah are handmade in small batches with love and care
in my registered home kitchen in Ringwood, Victoria, Australia.